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Darcy GlynWilliams – Consultant

Darcy GlynWilliams, Consultant

Darcy GlynWilliams provides sales and marketing, proposal preparation and editing services for Strategic Science.

Darcy is fluently bilingual in English and French. She possesses a range of sales, marketing and communications experience gained in globally relevant and significant industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and defense, public service, and healthcare. Her professional experience in both the public and private sector have provided her with a strong grasp of the special needs and nuances that must be recognized to effectively communicate, market, and sell in industries characterized by the overlap of public and private.

Darcy is experienced at effectively transforming leads into sales by employing structured soft selling techniques that work for non traditional sales relationships/dynamics. She has a unique skill in combining creativity with professionalism; this enables her to develop hip, relevant and effective marketing material and strategies even within highly structured sectors with regulated guidelines,

Darcy manages marketing efforts for a software development firm in the hi-tech healthcare industry. She monitors the industry and seeks out opportunities by assessing the need for, and lack of technological solutions employed by healthcare organizations throughout North America. Her work involves keeping abreast of developments and staying relevant in a new and constantly evolving industry. She accomplishes this through monitoring media, competitor activity, and academic research for changing regulations, requirements, and standard practices within the healthcare IT field. She is adept at synthesizing market research material and organizing it for further analysis to gather insight into the market. In addition to preparing traditional vehicles such as newsletters and brochures, Darcy developed and manages a productive social networking presence to support these activities and to maintain communication and relationships with key industry players.

She has developed and managed internal training and communications programs. Additional experience includes design of pricing matrices and loyalty programs, and financial data management for large manufacturing companies with multi-million dollar corporate customer accounts.

Darcy is completing her degree in Professional Studies, major Linguistics at York University. Her academic studies have focused on communications, writing, and language structure, with an emphasis on their use and impact within business, finance, and political spheres.

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