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Karen Choi – Principal, Ph.D.

Karen Choi, Ph.D., Founder and Principal

Karen Choi provides scientific leadership, and advances innovative research methodologies to help organizations in risk sectors achieve responsible policies and programs that are evidence-based and expert-endorsed. She and Judith Glynn operate Strategic Science on a day- to- day basis to ensure success, including strategic planning, product development, marketing and promotion, market segmentation and diversification for long term sustainability.

Dr. Choi is highly experienced at designing and conducting both quantitative and qualitative research using various methodologies and advanced data analysis techniques.

She served as the primary source of problem gambling research-related information and briefings for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) in Ontario and worked with the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Problem Gambling to develop research relevant for policy and practice. Dr. Choi is skilled at identifying important areas of research and oversaw the adjudication and management of a number of high profile and high impact research projects including a project aimed at increasing treatment uptake among self-excluded gamblers and two studies aimed at assessing the impact of the introduction of legalized gambling in Ontario.

Dr. Choi worked as research consultant for an IT strategy company, where she provided analysis of the competitive landscape, identification of core competencies and development of a road map for clients to position their service offerings in a way that increased market penetration and maximized shareholder value. She has conducted market and policy research, options analyses, product comparisons and value pricing based cost models to help clients competitively bid for work.

Dr. Choi has extensive teaching experience in Cross-Cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, research design and methodology, and statistics.

Dr. Choi received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Waterloo. Her research examined cross-cultural differences in responses to and use of praise and criticism among East Asians and Westerners. In line with her research, she is dedicated to ensuring that health research and initiatives take into consideration the specific risk and resilience factors among vulnerable populations, such as ethno-cultural communities, youth, and women.

Karen Choi

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Karen Choi

Karen Choi

Principal – Ph.D.

Karen Choi

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