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Max Abbott –BA, BSc, MA, Ph.D.,
DipClinPsych, MNZCCP

Max Abbott, BA, BSc, MA, Ph.D., DipClinPsych, MNZCCP

Max Abbott is Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, where he is also Professor of Psychology and Public Health, Co-director of the National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research and Director of the Gambling and Addictions Research Centre. His passion is to advance knowledge that enhances policy and practice and brings about positive change at multiple levels.

Previous positions include National Director of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and President of the World Federation for Mental Health. During his presidency of the World Federation for Mental Health (1991 – 1993), Dr. Abbott co-chaired the first World Mental Health Day. He is currently Deputy Chair of Waitemata District Health Board and a Board member of Health Workforce New Zealand. He has over 250 publications in the fields of mental and public health.

Dr. Abbott’s pioneering research in mental and public health, and significant contributions in gambling, addictions and migrant health research have helped shape policy and positively impact New Zealand and international communities. Described by former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley as being a ‘champion New Zealander’, Max has made a profound difference to the lives of those with mental disability and mental health disorders. His work has been recognised by awards such as the New Zealand Psychological Society biennial award ‘Contribution to Psychology in the Public Interest’ and the New Zealand 1990 Commemoration Medal.

Major areas of research include mental health, gambling and problem gambling, migrant mental health, Pacific Islander child and family health and development, and psychiatric epidemiology. Dr. Abbott has researched gambling extensively, leading the first national problem gambling prevalence study worldwide. He chairs the International Think Tank on Gambling Research, Policy & Practice which provides a regular forum for researchers and other key stakeholders to discuss major and emergent issues. He is currently involved in large, ongoing gambling research programmes in New Zealand, Sweden and Australia.

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Max Abbott

BA, BSc, MA, Ph.D., DipClinPsych, MNZCCP

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BA (Econ), MA, Dip Psych, Ph.D., MAPS

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